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Welcome to JS & Lads

JS & Lads comes from improvisation as a lifestyle, learning and having fun through improvised songs and even more disciplines, jumping into spontaneity. I am JS, and the Lads are all music instruments, people and artifacts involved in creating from zero.

You can be part of this revolution by being a Lad, enjoying, participating and elaborating from many different propositions from this craft. There are many ways to do so which you can find on this website. Have a look and tell me, would you like to become the best version of yourself?

Impossible? No, Thanks

Is a lifestyle. When a person decides to do something, from plenty different perspectives to make it real, instead of not trying at all, thinking that's impossible. This way makes you a complete and more intelligent person, boosting your creativity, flirting with the unknown and having fun by doing it.

If asked about how do I get to embrace this philosophy, I can give you an example. As a freestyle rapper, once came to my mind the idea of multiplying numbers (two digits by one) while improvising. Some people told me that was impossible. At the moment, is not that I can do it easily… I get further and further day by day. That's why I understood that impossible does not exist, would you like to understand it as well?